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Laptop Cooling Pads – Why Do You Need One?

Why Use A Laptop Cooling Pad?

belkin laptop cooling padIf you’ve ever balanced your laptop on your knee for any length of time, you may well have noticed just how much these handy devices can heat up. Some models and brands tend to heat up more than others – but many laptops can become uncomfortably hot after only a short period of use.

Laptops seem to be getting larger all the time. They are also being fitted with more and more powerful processors. The end result is that a lot of heat can be generated – and because they need to be portable, many laptops will have smaller cooling fans than the equivalent desktop computer. That’s why they heat up so much.

Some laptops can be very uncomfortable to touch when they’re in use – and it’s not just a matter of discomfort for the user either. Most electrical and electronic devices stop working as a result of thermal ageing. The hotter they get, the shorter their working life will be.

So keeping your laptop’s working temperature down will not only make it more comfortable for you to use, it will extend the life of your laptop and save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

And it gets better – not only will your laptop last longer, but all of your important data; the family photos, the important documents, the spreadsheets etc., will also be protected and available for you. Of course, you should always back up your files – but preventing their loss in the first place makes just as much sense.

Protect Your Laptop And Data With A Laptop Cooling Pad

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B0070ZHY6G” cloaking=”default” height=”217″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”bestlapcoolpad-20″ width=”300″]Fortunately there is a very easy, efficient and inexpensive, yet very cost effective, solution to the problem of laptop overheating: A laptop cooling pad – sometimes also known as a chilling, or cooling, mat.

There are any number of different designs, but the basic concept is to improve the cooling of your laptop and thereby keep the temperature down. The best laptop cooling pads will have their own fans – and these will be powered by plugging the cooling pad into a spare usb port on your laptop.

The better models will have fans which are very quiet – usually quite a bit quieter than your laptop cooling fan itself. You shouldn’t be able to hear the cooling pad fans above the normal low level noise made by your laptop. Nevertheless, the extra airflow, directed into your laptop’s cooling intake vents (usually situated in the bottom of the laptop), will keep your laptop very much cooler – regardless of how long you use it for.

The Benefits of Laptop Cooling Pads

targus lap chill pad in useLaptop cooling pads start at just a few dollars – and the most expensive ones tend to be in the mid twenty dollar range. Even if you don’t take the fact that you will considerably extend you laptop’s life by keeping the temperature down, spending a few dollars to protect your expensive laptop – and to keep your data safe and secure – makes a lot of sense.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will get from a good laptop cooling pad:

  1. Your laptop won’t heat up so much and will be more comfortable to use and handle.
  2. Your laptop will last longer and you will save (a lot of) money.
  3. Your laptop will be much less likely to fail suddenly, an event which will not only cost you money but which may result in the loss of important data. In extreme cases, the possibility of fire may exist (don’t worry too much – this is, thankfully, quite rare).
  4. Your laptop cooling pad will provide a stable and secure working platform for your laptop. It will prevent your lap becoming uncomfortably hot – and also prevent heat damage to other delicate surfaces, like your desk or table for example, that you may use to support your laptop when working.

All things considered, a laptop cooling pad makes a lot of sense. For just a few dollars, you can protect your hardware and your data from sudden, and very inconvenient, failures – as well as saving a considerable amount of money by extending the working life of your laptop.

Have a look around this site and check out the various, inexpensive, cooling pads available. Regardless of what type or size of laptop you have, there’s a cooling pad to suit.

And don’t forget, even if your laptop doesn’t get uncomfortably hot in operation, keeping it even cooler will still extend its lifespan and save you money!




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