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Cooler Master Comforter Air Laptop Cooling Pad

cooler master comforter air laptop cooling padThe Comforter Air laptop cooling pad, from Cooler Master, is a unique design which should make using your laptop or tablet as comfortable as possible whilst helping it to run a lot cooler. The cushioned pad has a removable and/or reversible fan in the center, and is ideally suited for use on your lap, on a hard surface or on a bed or sofa.

The central fan is 100 mm in diameter and you can pop it in or out as well as reversing the flow. It’s powered by connecting it into a spare usb port on your laptop and the usb cable stores away neatly in a specially designed slot when not in use.

cooler master comforter air in use

You can use this with laptops with up to 15.6 ” displays. The dimensions are 15 x 10.9 x 1.8 inches. It weighs only one pound, so it’s easily transportable if you want to use your laptop on the go.

It also has built in cable slots so that you can keep your cables tidy and not be bothered by a tangle of trailing wires.

You could, if you wanted, pop the fan out and take only the cushion when you’re in transit. That would make it even lighted and you would still be comfortable when using your laptop. The hole left by removing the fan will ensure good air supply to the base of your laptop, so you will still get some cooling effect.

However, as mentioned, even with the fan in-situ, it weighs just one pound, so you might decide to leave it in place for maximum cooling efficiency.

Here’s a short video that summarizes the key points regarding the Comforter Air laptop cooling pad:

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