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Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand II

Check Out The New Cooler Master ErgoStand II

cooler master ergostand iiCooler Master is one of the best known names in computer cooling. They might just be slightly better known for their cases, especially in the serious gaming community, but they make some great laptop cooling pads as well – and this is a fine example.

The new ErgoStand II is the latest addition to the Cooler Master laptop cooling range. You can certainly use it on your lap or on a desk or worktop – but, personally speaking, I think that it really comes into its own when used as a sort of mini docking station on a worktop.

If you use a laptop for long periods of time, you may find that you gradually get into a bit of a “laptop slouch”. If you place it on your lap, then you will quite naturally tend to slump forward a little more than normal. Likewise, if you have your laptop positioned on a desk, you will tend to either lean forward or duck your head a little more than if you were using a standard monitor.

cooler master ergo stand ii adjustmentThat’s partly because the laptop display will, wherever you put your laptop, be lower than a stand alone monitor associated with a desktop PC would be.

You need to lean forward to view it. That can lead to bad posture, and if you’re using your laptop for long periods of time, that might give you problems with your back, and possibly other muscle groups.

With the ErgoStand II, you can position the body of your laptop on the cooler tray and then adjust the angle to whatever you find best. The display of the laptop will be automatically raised in height, and for best results, you should adjust the angle of the display (either by adjusting the opening of the laptop or by varying the angle of the ErgoStand) so that this is vertical.

You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable it is to work like this. Get hold of an inexpensive external keyboard and you’ll be much better off, ergonomically speaking. It really is like a mini docking station.

In addition to the ergonomic advantages, the ErgoStand II will keep your laptop cool using its 140 mm aerodynamically designed fan. Your hardware will be less likely to fail for thermal reasons and it will run better and last longer. Your data will also be more secure.

cooler master ergo stand ii usb stationAnother nice touch, which will help to keep your desktop tidy, is the fact that the ErgoStand II has a nice row of 4 usb ports at the back. You’ll be able to keep all of your cables neatly arranged and cut down on clutter. You won’t run out of usb ports either!

The mesh of the stand comes off so that you can access the fan and the grille for easy cleaning. Do make sure that the power is off and the fan is inoperative before you do this of course.

Here’s a brief video which outlines the benefits on offer from the ErgoStand II:

  • Choose from 5 ergonomic, adjustable height settings for optimum viewing angle.
  • Heavy duty removable mesh surface provides a chill mat and allows easy access to the fan for cleaning and maintenance
  • Whisper quiet, 140mm aerodynamic silent fan keeps your laptop cool.
  • On/off LED indicator strip illuminates your keyboard
  • Keep cables tidy with the in-built usb hub. 4 USB ports allow connection of additional peripherals.
  • On/off button and speed controller for fan.
  • Heavy duty profile is ideal for gaming laptops.
  • Suitable for laptops up to 17″ display.

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