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Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad With 160mm Fan

NotePal X-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

cooler master notepal x2 laptop cooling padCooler Master may be slightly better known for their other products, such as specially cooled computer cases and towers for example, but their NotePal X-Slim laptop chill mat is well worth a look. It’s the top selling laptop cooling pad on Amazon – and that doesn’t happen by accident.

It has a very slim construction, probably not that much of a surprise given the name, and has one large, centrally positioned, fan which can rotate at up to 1500 rpm in order to keep your laptop cool. It’s also very lightweight, so it’s easy to move around and carry with you if you need to be mobile.

The fan is very quiet in operation. You probably won’t hear it under normal conditions.

The surface is adequately sized to take laptops up to 17″ and you can choose from a flat base – ideal for when you have your laptop on your knee – or pop up two legs at the back of the pad so that your laptop is at a slight angle. This last option is best employed when the laptop and pad are on a flat surface – like a desk or a workstation.

cooler master notepal x2 height adjustmentThis is a heavy duty cooling pad, aimed at gamers and others who will have their high powered laptops on for long hours at a time. Such users are quite likely to have a fair number of peripheral devices connected at any one time, so the fact that cable storage is provided on the underside of the cooling pad is definitely a plus.

As is often the case with cooling pads, the fan is powered by plugging into a spare usb port on your laptop. However, the usb connector is a “through type” – so you won’t lose the use of one of your usb ports – you’ll still be able to plug another usb connector in “on top of” the cooling pad usb.

The fact that the mesh can be removed to clean dust out from time to time is another nice touch. Keeping your fan intake and outlet clean will prolong the life of your cooling pad and ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency in order to deliver maximum protection for your laptop.

The short video below covers the main features of the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim:


All things considered, this is a very nice laptop cooling pad which is ideal for heavy users such as gamers – or anyone who will have a powerful laptop on for long periods of time. It’s suitable for laptops from 7″ up to 17″ (and can be used for Macs as well).

There are other pads available in the Cooler Master range for different sizes of laptop. Here are some examples:

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