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Defianz Adjustable Cooling Desktop Stand

Defianz Desk Stand

If you find yourself suffering from minor aches and pains – or possibly major ones – after you’ve been using your laptop for a while, then you may have a problem with your posture when using your computer. Laptops are great, but their handy clam shell design makes it difficult to align the keyboard, the monitor, your arms and your head in the correct ergonomic position.

Whether you use your laptop on your knee or on a worktop, you will probably find yourself dipping your head forward slightly – more than you would if you were using a correctly aligned desktop. You might also have a tendency to lean your whole upper body forwards – sometimes called “laptop slouch“.

If you are going to use a laptop for extended periods of time, especially if you will actually be typing on the keyboard rather than just reading text or watching video on the display, a laptop stand is a great idea which can prevent aches and pains and stop you from developing long-term health problems. Choose one which is fully adjustable and pair it up with an external keyboard and mouse (they are very inexpensive these days) and you’ll be able to get the monitor level with your line of sight and have your arms flat on the work surface with no problem at all.

The Defianz Desk Stand is a great choice if you want to make it easier to adopt a good posture when using your laptop – and it also cools your laptop as well. It’s good for your health and your laptop’s too!

defianz laptop cooling standThe stand is adjustable for both height and angle. The height is adjustable to a maximum of 9.5″ and the angle can be varied from horizontal all the way to vertical. There are literally thousands of different positions that you can choose in order to achieve the optimum ergonomic set-up for your own personal needs.

The base of the stand has four neoprene pads to stop your laptop slipping about in use. The bottom of the platform has a broad lip which will keep your laptop secure whatever angle you set it up at.

There’s an 8″ fan in the center of the platform which will blow cooling air upwards towards the base of your laptop and help it to run cooler. There are also four usb ports at the bottom along the right hand sand – handy for your keyboard, mouse, printer – whatever you like basically.

The dimensions are 12.4″ x 12.0″, which makes the stand suitable for laptops up to 17″ and a maximum of 17.6 lbs in weight.

The stand is made from long-lasting, impact resistant ABS and is available in black or white (shown above).

It’s a great solution which will help to keep both you and your laptop in good shape.


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