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external laptop usb cooling fanUSB laptop cooling fans attach to the cooler exhaust of your laptop and suck air out faster, thereby helping your laptop to run cooler.

There are a variety of different models available, and some of them are very inexpensive indeed. They seem to start around $5 and run up to around $20, but prices can vary depending upon when you check them of course.

It’s certainly possible to pick these up very cheaply, but some users have reported that the cheapest ones can be just a little noisy. Of course, that might not be a big problem for you if you’re fragging bad guys with your headphones on.

Some models have a variable speed fan, and some have a temperature display (see image below). If noise bothers you, you can always adjust the fan speed down a little. Power for the fan is obtained by plugging it into a spare usb port on your laptop.

They are a good solution for gamers and you can use them instead of, or as well as, a laptop cooling pad.

Most of them suck air out of your laptop, which means that they are suitable only for laptops which have the cooler inlet on the base of the machine with the exhaust vents on the side. If you hold your hand near the side vent and you feel hot air being expelled, then that’s the exhaust and these fans will work for you.

The fans clip on to the side of your laptop and you normally attach them using an adapter which conforms to your particular brand of laptop. They normally come with several different adapters supplied and you should be able to find one to fit just about any laptop.

The most common arrangement is a silicon adapter piece which presses onto the air exhaust vent of your laptop and a tongue which extends under the base of the laptop, which may or may not, be held in place by a reusable adhesive pad. If you’re not sure whether a particular model will be suitable for your laptop, checking in the comments section of online sites such as Amazon might help to give you a little assurance. Some models will provide details of the adapter dimensions – which is handy as long as you have accurate measurements for your laptop’s cooling vent.

Sizes and weights vary from light and compact to positively chunky, with the larger units obviously providing more cooling power. Whether portability or maximum cooling performance is important to you will probably determine which option is most suitable for you.

It’s probably worth noting that all but the smallest ones will work best when your laptop is resting on a work surface rather than being used balanced on your knee. In fact, even the smaller ones are best used in this manner – unless you manage to achieve a very good fit over the exhaust vent, one which won’t be impacted by any movement of your laptop.



  • AJGodinho says:

    The first one looks pretty neat and compact. Recently, I was in the market for a cooling pad for my laptop, and purchased one from Amazon. It’s a good one and keeps the laptop cool and is relatively quiet. The benefit of the ones you’ve featured here is that they suck the air out. Informative review!

  • admin says:

    Hi AJ – glad to hear your cooler is working well for you – the cooling pads work great for most laptops. These fans are really for hard core gamers who put a real big strain on their CPUs when they are teabagging the bad guys (or the good guys).

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